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Rough Mowers

From the reliable Reelmaster® mowers to the productive Groundsmaster® mowers, we have just the right mower to cut the rough areas of your course.

Groundsmaster 4300-D

With an average 5.4 acres an hour of mowing capacity and CrossTrax® all wheel drive system, the 4300-D delivers unsurpassed performance and value.
Groundsmaster 4300D

Groundsmaster® 5900/5910

Welcome to the next generation of  4.9 metre (16 foot) wide area rotary mowers. The Toro Groundsmaster 5900 and 5910 sets the new standard for productivity, uptime and low daily operating costs.
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Groundsmaster 5900/5910

Reelmaster® 4000-D

A high capacity mower that excels in productivity, durability and long-term value.
Reelmaster® 4000-D

Reelmaster® 6500-D/6700-D

These midsize mowers offers power, durability, a consistently superb quality of cut and up to 40,470 sq. Metres (10 acres) per hour productivity.
Reelmaster 6500-D
Reelmaster 6700-D

Groundsmaster® 4000-D/4010-D

The powerful Groundsmaster 4000-D provides 3.4 m (11') rotary mowing capability while delivering impressive maneuverability and traction.
Groundsmaster 4000-D

Groundsmaster® 4100-D/4110-D

This innovative wide area rotary mower features an all out-front mower deck for superior operator visibility and outstanding productivity.
Groundsmaster 4100-D

Groundsmaster® 4500-D/4700-D

These powerful rotary mowers are the latest additions to Toro's versatile line of ground following products, delivering an exceptional quality of cut to undulating turf. 
Groundsmaster 4500-D
Groundsmaster 4700-D

Reelmaster® Frames & Gangs

Transport and universal frames to get the job done and a complete line of Reelmaster gang mowers for every occasion, from informal to super-formal.
Reelmaster Transport Frames
Reelmaster Universal Frames
Reelmaster Gang Mowers